About us

Caballo Films was founded in 2012 and is formed by five partners and friends: Rodrigo Sorogoyen, writer-director; Eduardo Villanueva, producer and writer; Nacho Lavilla, producer; Borja Soler, writer-director, and Alberto del Campo, editor.

Pooling together their multidisciplinary and creative talents, from the very beginning efforts were made to establish a very clearly defined editorial line: “we back stories with social relevance which cause people to reflect on questions which define us as a society, while always defending an auteur perspective and the highest quality in our projects».

Despite their young age, the founding partners can boast a long list of national and international prizes between them which include, among others, 7 Goya Awards, one César Award, and an Oscar nomination.

Since their first feature film in 2013, “Stockholm”, Caballo Films has succeeded in upholding that initial commitment to producing their own projects, while always maintaining their auteur vocation intact. At the same time, aware that the newly arrived streaming platforms amount to a real boost for the industry, they have succeeded in completing more ambitions productions without sacrificing one iota of quality, as is the case of the series “Riot Police” for Movistar Plus + and La Ruta for ATRESplayer.

Having produced 4 feature films, 5 short films and 3 series, Caballo Films has reached a point of equilibrium, consolidating itself as one Spain’s film production houses of reference.